Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do background screenings?
Astonishingly, 85% of all resumes contain false or misleading information, including false degree claims, incorrect or false employment dates, incorrect salary claims, inaccurate job titles, falsified references. These facts alone are reason enough to perform background screenings, but consider that employers are being held liable for employee misconduct, whether or not the misconduct occurs inside the scope or place of employment. Consider further that 85% of corporate theft is internal, resulting in loss to businesses of over billions of dollars each year. With these statistics in mind, and taking into account that new technology has paved the way for cost-effective screening of potential employees, an employer can't afford not to do background screenings.

What types of screenings does Identi-check offer?
Identi-check offers a variety of background screening options from education and reference checks, to credit reports and criminal background checks, to drug testing.

How long does it take until I receive the information I request?
Identi-check will turn around results in three (3) business days.

What information do you need to conduct a search?
Identi-check must have a signed Release Form from the candidate, unless submitted through electronic procedures. Click here to learn about electronic procedures.

How accurate is the information provided in a search?
Identi-check uses state of the market technology. In most cases we have direct links to databases for requested screenings. This ensures accuracy and timeliness.

If I use Identi-check online, how secure is the information?
Identi-check provides a highly secure solution using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 and Transport Layer Security (TLS). All data will be encrypted before sending and decrypted after the public key matches the private key to ensure no one can deduce the original data.

Everify verifications ensure that employees are legal U.S. workers