Employment Screening

Identi-Check uses the most accurate and comprehensive search techniques available. This means the human element must be involved when using database searching tools to locate information on a person or business and develop matches that are solid and accurate. Identi-Check, Inc. utilizes the most precise data bases and physically cross matches data received from each database. There is no program or system that can match the human element when performing a data investigation. Identi-Check will take every step in the due diligence process to provide all available information on a potential employee.

Package Options: If a package is not available that covers the searches you need for a specific positions, please contact us and we can develop a package thatís based around your needs.

Statewide Criminal, Motor Vehicle Record

Basic Plus
Statewide Criminal Search, Employment Verification, Educational Verification

Statewide Criminal Search, Motor Vehicle Report

Enhanced Plus
Statewide Criminal Search, Employment Verification, Credit Report, and Motor Vehicle Report

SSN Verification and trace, (2) County Criminal (Current & last non county of resident), Motor Vehicle Record, Employment Verification

Banker Choice
Statewide criminal, Federal criminal, Motor Vehicle Search, Employment Verification

Workers Compensation Report, Statewide Criminal Search, County Criminal History, Motor Vehicle Record

Statewide Criminal Search, Employment Verification, Credit Report, Motor Vehicle Record, Educational Verification, SSN Verification

Identi-Check, Inc. Individual Search Options
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SSN Verification
County Civil
Federal Civil
Sex Offenders
Employment Verification
Professional License Verification
Terrorist Search
Incarceration Verification
Drug Testing
Corporation Search (D&B)
Other States Workers Comp
Nationwide Sex Offender
Health Integrity and Protection DB
Resume Verificatoin

County Criminal
Federal Criminal
Nationwide Wants and Warrants
Bankruptcy Report
Education Verification
Reference Verification
Military Search
Credit Report
E-Verify Search
Workers Compensation
Nationwide Criminal
National Practitioner DB
Both Healthcare Databases
License and Certification Verification

State Wide Criminal (Identi-Check has access to every state wide criminal record in all 50 States)
Motor Vehicle Record (Identi-Check has access to every Motor Vehicle record in all 50 States)

Everify verifications ensure that employees are legal U.S. workers