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About Us

Identi-Check was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Springfield Illinois.

Business owners can't afford to overlook the risk of exposure to a problematic and dishonest employee. The most cost effective way to mitigate risks is from the start, when the individual is only a potential candidate. Employers have the advantage by prescreening to their hiring process. If an organization cannot demonstrate it has adequately prepared for, and is procedurally consistent in its efforts to provide a secure work place, it leaves itself vulnerable to adverse actions and potential lawsuits from violated employees or customers.

Identi-Check, Inc. specializes in background and drug screening and it is our mission to help businesses with their hiring needs by providing them with valuable information on their potential employees. Identi-Check, Inc. wants to improve businessesí good hiring practices by helping them find the best qualified people for the positions being filled and in return decrease employee turnover. In todayís business environment, there is an abundance of well qualified people on a quest for work. There is no reason for businesses to pay the price from hiring substandard employees, who could potentially harm the businessís well earned reputation, deplete cherished assets or even harm employees and customers. Employees can make the difference in a business's rate of success and they are the greatest asset of every business. Hiring managers at major companies point out that the threat of lawsuits alleging discriminatory hiring practices causes them to carefully investigate job candidates' background history and whether thorough background checks and/or drug testing have been done.

Identi-Check, Inc. will strive to accommodate your needs because we are proud of our reliability and diligence when serving our clients. We would be honored if you gave us the opportunity to serve you in the future. Our pricing is very competitive and we have many different options for searches and drug testing equipment to choose from. We can match your background and drug screening procedures that you are currently performing on new hires, so no changes to your company policy will be necessary.