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Below is a description of our most common search. If you are interested in a description of any other specific searches, please email your request and we will provide the infomration directly.

Employment Credit Report - Credit reports can be a valuable tool for evaluating applicants who’s position may involve financial responsibility. The report includes the applicant's credit history, providing an objective overview of how financial obligations are handled over a period of time. An Employment Credit Report differs from a traditional credit report, in that it is tailored for use in an employment situation. Therefore, it does not include account numbers, nor does it provide credit score or have any type of effect of the persons credit, and otherwise known as a “soft credit hit”. The Employment Insight Report from Experian enhances traditional employment decision making tools by providing credit information which would not normally appear on an application, but may have an impact on job performance. Credit information provides insight into an applicant’s responsibility toward his/her personal obligations, and integrity and ability to fulfill financial obligations for a potential employer.

Statewide Criminal - Is a statewide felony & misdemeanor criminal report searching ALL COUNTIES in the state and will cover the last 7 years of all convicted crimes. Statewide criminal will also cover statewide felony convictions on persons sentenced to jail in a state penal institution since 1980 & Cook County Circuit Court felony & misdemeanor convictions since 1994. Felony incarceration records generally include the defendant's name, date-of-birth, physical description, charge, counts, and sentence. Felony incarceration results are updated quarterly. Cook County records generally include the defendant's name, date-of-birth, filing date, charge, judgment, judgment date, and sentence. Cook County records are updated monthly. This statewide criminal search also includes a search of high-risk Sexual Offenders, updated monthly.

County Criminal - The County Felony & Misdemeanor Report is a 7 year countywide felony and misdemeanor search. A Country Criminal is a search only within the county, but provides a more comprehensive misdemeanor and felony search. This report will have data about any charges filed, dates of charge, charge level, disposition date, final disposition, sentencing information, court fines.

Motor Vehicle Record - Essential to determine driver based decision-making, the MVR will include REALTIME license details such as state issued, status, expiration, suspensions, revocations, violations and sanctions, all citations and violations for the past 7years. Identi-Check has interface an to all state Departments of Motor Vehicles. Motor vehicle records (MVR) from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with additional service for several Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico.

Employment Verification - Identi-Check will provide information about the prospective employee's performance at all prior employers listed on the background check request. We will also request dates of employment, eligibility for potential rehire, and reason for loosing employment. Identi-Check will also request job title, salary history, in addition to current or most recent employment information. Our experienced researcher will verify previous employment supplied by an applicant including dates of employment, position, performance, reason for departure, rehire status and other general comments as available. An additional service is that our researcher will provide you the contact history for your review. We also search the phone number at no cost. We will also customized any question to ask the previous employers that will better meet your needs.

Education Verification - This report confirms degrees, diplomas, certificates and dates attended from universities, colleges, trade and vocational and high schools. General Education Diploma (GED) verifications are also available.