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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Searches and Filings

Providing Lien Searches & Filings
Through a secure access to the Identi-Check web site, customers can place orders and receive reports on their secure and proprietary accounts that are not accessible by other users. These web-based accounts will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and only accessible with a unique email address and password. Using existing resources, such as internet connected computers; Customers will access the web-based system, submit filings or lien search requests, access results from their searches and/or filings, review previous searches or filings, and access monthly invoices. Completed result reports for tax lien searches are guaranteed within 48 hours, if submitted electronically, and are usually returned within 24 hours. Identi-Checkís Security Consultants will process UCC requests via the web-based system, facsimile transmission, telephone or mail. Customers who utilize the web-based system will receive an automatic email notification from Identi-Check once their results are available for review.

Identi-Check understands that the information furnished will include individual and spousal names and addresses or organization names and addresses, and may include variations such as also-known-as (a.k.a.) or doing-business-as (d.b.a.). Identi-Check will review records of the Secretary of State and determine if there are liens of records based upon the submitted information.

Identi-Check will collect the data and submit the UCC Financing Statement and advance the statutory recording fee upon submission to the Secretary of State office. In addition, Identi-Check will return the filed document to the requesting office within 72 hours of receipt of the filed document from the Secretary of State.

Special Emergency Requests
In the event a customer has an emergency request for a search or filing, Identi-Check will act promptly to meet an unexpected emergency turnaround deadline. As previously mentioned, Identi-Check is a local Springfield, Illinois based company and we are easy to contact and quick to respond. Our office is located within four blocks of the Illinois Secretary of Stateís office, so we can quickly respond to emergency requests.